Essentials of investment are different in each case which business plans should be based on knowledge and technology to let access being in competition with other opponents in business. Our aims in this case is invest and joint coop with person or company in rationalization fields of production , industry  , trade , mine , finance and services and manage these items in country and out of country.

People or companies who applicant of being partner should send a formal request. Once we received your request we organize it in the field which it belongs and after analyzing it we will contact for more information.We recommend you please send the introduction of company and board of directors, documents of financial, latest changes of investors, achieved licenses and business plan to help us analyze your request quickly and carefully.

We have joint investment into two separated models :

Provide investment business plans to us

Business plans should be accepted by our company in technical detail includes both financial and economic rationalization.

Business plans which based on other countries technologies have more priority.

In partnership which needs to found a new company and implement ideas should be completely non-profit.

Requirements like financial sources for projects implementation will be based on banking loan.

By considering the risk of investment plans profitable investment should be at least 25% for internal projects.

Joint investment as an investor on plans which are approved by company

People who has not an specific company related to investment can join us by share their finance. We will provide acceptable profit in some contract.

Advantages of getting involve in company projects

  1. Professional management : Using experts to analyze investment situations in each dimension almost always results in success.
  2. Diversity , Flexibility and risk control : By increasing the variety of investment can decrease the risk of invest.Our company has many large scaled projects which can decrease the risk of investment.
  3. As long as company has many short term projects it would  be possible to get the profit in short time for investors.
  4. Fast reporting : All projects has it’s own experts for analyzing and reporting , so every changes will be reported once it happens.All reports and changes will be accessible for investors.
  5. Economies based on scale : It is true that investors cannot pay for consultants and using reports of investment in different projects lonely, but it will be possible while we get many investors involved in a project.