financial investment

While finance markets and investment made complicate , manage them will be complex too.In this case the knowledge and experience of investment will decrease these complexity. Investment and Financial department of MAK company have many experts to struggle with these issues and make them easy to solve who are ready to help you have your goals in investment happened.We also provide many solutions which has being used over periods and tested successfully to make you sure of your invest. We provide  some services in this department :

1 : investment consulting

This service is appropriate for those who have not enough knowledge or time for manage finance and feel this needs that speak with a consultant would help them make their finance aims real.Our experts in consulting would help you make a good business plan includes risk analyzing and finance management for your ideas and aims by providing real reports and experiences over 10 years in real international markets.



2 : Finance management

Finance management will circle wide range of services. These services are management (planning, supervision, control and report) of assets, tax planning, consulting about estates and other legal consulting.These services are appropriate for those who like to invest based on MAK‘s projects or have not enough knowledge r experience to manage these items.By this case our experts will be in charge of all management of finance and assets of applicants.